I made a short video with an impression how to use this controller.

The functionality of this hardware programmer is comparable to Yamaha’s Expert Editor that run on Apple Macintosh in those days. Remember, editing the physical modelling parameters is for the serious programmer, who wants to modify the internal model. Live musical performances by tweaking the parameters is not the main use case 🙂

2 thoughts on “First Video about this controller on-line”
  1. Mr Skerjanc,

    I am an owner and user of a VL1, a VL70 and I still have an old Mac running the old editor. I am very interested in buying your controller. Please put me on your list for one and keep me posted if action is needed from my side. I will eagerly follow the progress on your site.

    Ã…ke Danielson

  2. Hallo Robert,

    als langjähriger Besitzer eines VL-1 habe ich grosses Interesse an Ihrem Controller. Von daher möchte ich auf die Liste gesetzt werden.

    Wie ist die Bauqualität? Wann soll der Controller kommen?
    Oder sind das Infos, die erst noch kommen?

    Danke & viele Grüsse,

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